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Experienced Doctors .. Most Modern Equipments

Vision problem arises when it is not detected and treated at the apt time. Some may lead to vision loss and some cases to blindness.

Early detection is the only source to minimize vision loss. 90 % of the accidents which occur every day can be prevented with the use of appropriate safety eye-ware. To safe-guard your eyes, there are many safety measures at the work place, at home and in the sports field. There are more chances of eye injury at home because the people choosing dangerous tools or chemicals in the day to day life. Good eye protection is just as important for those watching you work as for the workers themselves. Taking all the factors in to consideration ‘Mother Optical’ gives all necessary help along with the valued opinion from our prominent doctors in treating the needy people.

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Our Clinic has the Following Facilities:

Anyview Plus – Automatic frame selection machine helps you to see how you’ll look in any frame, lens material, 2D/3D simulation etc.

  • High quality Japan product ( Topcon )
  • Experienced doctors available for consultation on all days
  • Retired professors available for expert opinion
  • Advises for children eye care is carried out by efficient and prominent doctors
  • Eye testing using the world class “Auto Refracto Meter” to maintain 100 % accuracy in refraction
  • Lenses are ensured of absolute accuracy by testing with “Lensometer” and fitted after IPD ( Inter-pupillary distance) marking.
  • For the beauty conscious, the clinic offers all available contact lenses both in white and color.
  • You can select the frame, lens and contact lens with the help of computer to improve your personality.
  • Ultra-modern equipments like “Automatic Fitting Machine”, “Supra Machine”,”V Stone Machine” & “3 Piece Machine” are used for lens fitting.